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PhotoName, InfoSireDam
AQHA Shiner's Filly (Name Pending)

2018 Mare
Classic Champagne
First KizzSelah Shine
AQHA Abby’s Filly

04/23/2017 Mare
Sorrel Splash (sw1)
SmokingPeptoTinselTinsel LilStar
AQHA Holly’s Filly

04/15/2017 Mare
Gold Champagne
First KizzMiss Holly CD
AQHA Texas' Filly

04/02/2017 Mare
Red Roan Splash
SmokingPeptoTop Shelf BluCuracao
AQHA Sweet Ivy May

05/17/2016 Mare
Grulla Splash
SmokingPeptoAllies Sweet Night
AQHA Splashn N Dashn

04/01/2016 Mare
Black Splash
SmokingPeptoPeppy Dash Blue
AQHA Iza Chex N Cash

04/01/2016 Mare
First KizzIza Belle Nic
AQHA/APHA dual registered Peptos Spinnin Cash

03/22/2016 Mare
Sorrel Splash
SmokingPeptoSpin To Win Cash
AQHA Skipn N Sparks

03/21/2016 Mare
Gold Dun Champagne
My Skip Dun ItSelah Shine
AQHA Splash Whiz Me

06/17/2015 Mare
Bay Splash SW1
SmokingPeptoOh So Inwhizable
Currently In Training
AQHA Too Busy For Kizzes

05/18/2015 Mare
Gold Champagne (Reg. Palomino)
First KizzHada Busy Belle
AQHA Melodys Hickory Chic

04/24/2015 Mare
Amber Champagne (Reg. Buckskin)
Hickory Dun ClassicMelodys Stylish Chic
AQHA (Name Pending) Sequin's Filly

04/16/2015 Mare
Black Splash
No Guns PleaseFigure Four Sequin
AQHA (Name Pending) Laney's Filly

04/14/2015 Mare
SmokingPeptoSheza Holidoc
AQHA Montana Bartender

04/09/2015 Mare
Hickory Dun ClassicAmber Bartender
AQHA Iza Belle Rue

04/05/2015 Mare
Black Splash
SmokingPeptoIza Belle Nic
AQHA My Tails On Fire

07/24/2014 Mare
Smoky Black
Just FireRocks Mellow Lady
AQHA Peptos Reckless Dash

07/15/2014 Mare
Grey Splash (SW1)
SmokingPeptoMT Reckless Eye
In foal to Smokin Blue Gun for 2018, due end of May
AQHA Chocolate Kizzes

05/27/2014 Mare
Sable Champagne (Reg. Brown)
First KizzPoco Girls Bar Too
AQHA Butterfly Kizzes

05/23/2014 Mare
Gold Cream Champagne (Reg. Palomino)
First KizzStarlights Natalie
AQHA Sassy (Name Pending)

04/18/2014 Mare
Gold Dun Champagne
Hickory Dun ClassicAmber Bartender
AQHA My First Kizz

04/13/2014 Mare
Gold Champagne (Reg. Palomino)
First KizzCD Willow Lena
AQHA Melodys First Kizz

04/04/2014 Mare
Classic Champagne Grulla (Reg. Grullo)
First KizzMelodys Stylish Chic
AQHA Sequins Only Please

03/16/2014 Mare
Bay Splash
No Guns PleaseFigure Four Sequin
AQHA Hollywood Jouette

05/16/2013 Mare
Classic Cream Dun Champagne (Reg. Grullo)
Hollywood Glo CodySurely Pandora
Extremely rare triple dilute - champagne, cream and dun on a true black base coat
AQHA Blue Eyed Red Fox

05/14/2013 Mare
Red Dun Roan Splash
Hancock Red FoxLeo Grullo Valentine
AQHA Starlights Grace

05/07/2013 Mare
Quigley Dun ItStarlights Natalie
Granddaughter of Hollywood Dun It
and Grays Starlight
AQHA Spooks Got Faith

04/27/2013 Mare
Spooks Gotta GunMelodys Smart Chic
Daughter of Spooks Gotta Gun, out of a Smart Chic Olena daughter
AQHA Awesome Champagne

04/25/2013 Mare
Classic Champagne (Reg. Buckskin)
Awesome CougarandBert San Doc
AQHA 'April' (Name Pending)

04/01/2013 Mare
Whizkey N DiamondsMaggie Mae Melody
Daughter of Whizkey N Diamonds
AQHA Champagne Hope

03/26/2013 Mare
Amber Dun Champagne (Reg. Buckskin)
Awesome Poco San BarChampagne Stone
AQHA One Hot Covergirl

03/22/2013 Mare
Dun It OkJaz GC Sonora
Double homozygous grulla daughter of Dun It OK
AQHA 'Sunny' (Name Pending)

03/15/2013 Mare
Awesome Poco San BarAmber Bartender
AQHA Starwright Ta Fame

03/09/2013 Mare
Dash Ta FameStarlight Starwright
Daughter of Dash Ta Fame, and Full Sister to "Race Ta Fame" aka "ALOU"
AQHA Cookin Tonight

06/01/2012 Mare
Bay Sabino
Cookin MeradaCD Willow Lena
AQHA/APHA dual registered
daughter of Cookin Merada
AQHA Cross Bar Belle

05/16/2012 Mare
Gold Champagne (Reg. Dun)
Jetsmoke N ThunderGlory Bee Smokem
Belle is a muscular dark gold champagne filly with a well-rounded performance pedigree.
AQHA Cross Bar Vienna

05/13/2012 Mare
Gold Champagne (Reg. Palomino)
Jetsmoke N ThunderClassy Glory
Vienna is a pretty-headed, well-built champagne filly.
AQHA Cross Bar River

05/06/2012 Mare
Sable or Amber Champagne (Reg. Dun)
Jetsmoke N ThunderSmokem Treasure
River is a flashy champagne filly that should have nice size and speed.
AQHA 'Bella' (Name Pending)

04/27/2012 Mare
Amber Champagne (Reg. Buckskin)
Stings Next Dun ItDun Its Chic
Smart Chic Olena, Hollywood Dun It breeding
AQHA Spooks Gotta Chic

04/15/2012 Mare
Bay Overo
Spooks Gotta GunMelodys Smart Chic
AQHA/APHA dual registered,
own daughter of Spooks Gotta Gun,
out of a daughter of Smart Chic Olena
AQHA HRR Star Stone

03/30/2012 Mare
The Stone CutterMQ Miss Champagne
AQHA Jo Jo Dun Fox

03/14/2012 Mare
Bay Dun Roan
Hancock Red FoxJoJo Buckskin Miss
2 blue eyes and 4 white socks!
AQHA The Prettiest One

05/02/2011 Mare
Yellow Roan Of TexasHollys Royal Blue
NRCHA Snaffle bit prospect
By Yellow Roan of Texas,
and out of a Peptoboonsmal daughter
AQHA Pretty Slvr Star

04/26/2011 Mare
Rawhides Slvr BulletPretty Lowry Star
Grulla Daughter of Rawhides Slvr Bullet
AQHA Jacs Electric Lady

02/18/2011 Mare
Jacs Electric SparkChex Out This Lady
Own daughter of Jacs Electric Spark
AQHA/APHA dual registered Spin To Win Cash

05/19/2009 Mare
Nu Steps To CashRoulettes Spintowin
In foal to Smokin Blue Gun for 2018, due June 1
APHA Invisible Sky

2009 Mare
Flaxen Sorrel Rabicano Solid
Dip Da Cash In ColorInvisibleaffair
FAST mare with awesome running bloodlines, started riding
AQHA Jesse Cougarand

03/24/2008 Mare
Gold Champagne (Reg. Palomino)
Awesome CougarandJesse San Pepper
In foal to Hickory Dun Classic for 2016
APHA Cash In On Sabrina

2008 Mare
Bay Tovero
Dip Da Cash In ColorJust Call Me Shay
Gorgeous mare with awesome running / performance bloodlines, started riding
AQHA Tuf Leigh

05/23/2005 Mare
Tuf N BusyGenuine Leigh Wright
Beautiful black daughter of the great
Tuf N Busy, out of a daughter of
Lenas Wright On.
Broke to ride
Breeding to Hickory Dun Classic for 2014
AQHA Maggie Mae Melody

05/13/2005 Mare
CD RoanliteTularosa Melody
Broke to ride
AQHA CD Willow Lena

05/08/2004 Mare
Bay Rabicano
CD RoanliteMelodys Smart Chic
In foal to First Kizz for 2018, due in May
AQHA Poco Girls Bar Too

04/19/2003 Mare
Sable Champagne (Reg. Buckskin)
Eternal Reward TooWamps Taskee Annie
AQHA Sheza Play Boon

04/11/2001 Mare
Dun Splash
Freckles BoonSenful Winnie
In foal to Elvis for an April 2016 foal
AQHA Starlights Natalie

01/10/1999 Mare
Grays StarlightLena Jay Reed
AQHA Busy N Miami

04/02/1998 Mare
Bay/Brown Roan
Tuf N BusyMiami Mist
In foal to Elvis for 2016

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PhotoName, InfoSireDam
AQHA Chic's Colt (Name Pending)

2018 Stallion
Smart And ShineyMelodys Smart Chic
AQHA Holly's Colt (Name Pending)

2018 Stallion
Bay Splash SW1
Kros Peppy CasinoMiss Holly CD
AQHA Sequin's Colt (Name Pending)

2018 Stallion
Blue Roan
Smokin Blue GunFigure Four Sequin
AQHA Glamour's Colt (Name Pending)

2018 Stallion
Black Splash SW1
Smokin Blue GunSmoke N Glamour
No Photo
AQHA Iza's Colt

04/25/2017 Stallion
Black or Smoky Black
First KizzIza Belle Nic
AQHA Sequin’s Colt

04/22/2017 Stallion
Black or Blue Roan
SmokingPeptoFigure Four Sequin
AQHA Kali’s Colt

04/05/2017 Stallion
SmokingPeptoSpin To Win Cash
AQHA Glamour's Colt

03/24/2017 Stallion
SmokingPeptoSmoke N Glamour
AQHA Chics Dig Stylish

05/13/2016 Stallion
Bay Dun
SmokingPeptoMiss Ginny CD
APHA Hesa Magic Melody

05/09/2016 Stallion
Grullo Tobiano
Chiefs Riskey MagicMelodys Stylish Chic
AQHA Peptossmokinghickory

05/08/2016 Stallion
Black Splash
SmokingPeptoHickory Smoken Lass
Full sibling due spring 2017
AQHA Bet Yer Special

05/05/2016 Stallion
Sorrel Splash
Plain SpecialBet Yer Blue Jeans
AQHA Smoken Red Hot

05/03/2016 Stallion
Sorrel Splash
SmokingPeptoStarlight Starwright
AQHA/APHA dual registered Dun Jokin

05/02/2016 Stallion
Bay Dun Homozygous Splash
SmokingPeptoSheza Play Boon
AQHA Muddslide

04/20/2016 Stallion
Black Silver Dapple
Kings Gentleman JoeBullets Slvr Star
Confirmed with AQHA as the 1st AQHA Black Silver Dapple colt born in the USA
AQHA Just Fired Up

04/16/2016 Stallion
Bay Splash (SW1)
Just FireTwisted Little Tari
AQHA Docsagenuineplayboy

04/04/2016 Stallion
SmokingPeptoFigure Four Sequin
AQHA Hot Smoken Pepto

03/27/2016 Stallion
Bay Splash
SmokingPeptoMiss Holly CD
AQHA Peptos Classic Nite

05/28/2015 Stallion
Classic Champagne (Reg. Black)
SmokingPeptoHickory Smoken Lass
AQHA Smart Chics Kizz Me

05/21/2015 Stallion
First KizzMelodys Smart Chic
AQHA Black Rein

05/10/2015 Stallion
SmokingPeptoStarlight Starwright
AQHA Tuf N Genuine

05/04/2015 Stallion
SmokingPeptoBusy N Miami
AQHA Furyous Night Ryder

04/12/2015 Stallion
Hickory Dun ClassicCougarand Pep
AQHA Champagne Arrows

04/11/2015 Stallion
Amber Homozygous Champagne (Reg. Buckskin)
Hickory Dun ClassicJesse Cougarand
Homozygous for Champagne!
AQHA Kizz N Chics

05/02/2014 Stallion
Red Dun
First KizzMelodys Smart Chic
Full brother to 2015 Buckskin colt 'Grady'
AQHA Royal (Name Pending)

04/26/2014 Stallion
Amber Cream Homozygous Champagne
First KizzHickory Smoken Lass
Homozygous for Champagne, plus a Cream Gene!
AQHA My Night Fury

04/07/2013 Stallion
Hollywood AttitudeCougarand Pep
AQHA 'Spyder' (Name Pending)

04/07/2013 Stallion
Amber Dun Champagne
Hollywood AttitudeJesse Cougarand
AQHA 'Hero' (Name Pending)

03/29/2013 Stallion
Chasin FirewaterChex Out This Lady
Son of Chasin Firewater, out of Daughter of Tuf N Busy
AQHA 'Cooper' (Name Pending)

03/21/2013 Stallion
Hickory Dun ClassicDun Its Peponita
High Brow Hickory, Hollywood Dun It and Peponita on his papers
AQHA 'Boone' (Name Pending)

02/19/2013 Stallion
ColonelSmokingPepHickory Smoken Lass
Grandson of Gunner
AQHA Cross Bar Rambler

05/08/2012 Stallion
Classic Champagne (Reg. Dun)
Jetsmoke N ThunderCross Bar Anita
Rambler carries nice all-around bloodlines, to go with his unique classic champagne color.
AQHA Meradas White Knight

05/05/2012 Gelding
Sorrel Maximum White Sabino
Cookin MeradaMoments To Rumember
AQHA/APHA dual registered
NRCHA snaffle bit prospect
by Cookin Merada
AQHA Call Me Quigley

03/15/2012 Gelding
Quigley Dun ItStarlights Natalie
NRCHA Snaffle bit prospect
Grandson of Hollywood Dun It
and Grays Starlight
AQHA Just Plain N Black

03/31/2011 Gelding
Holidocs HuskerJust Plain Coffee
Barrel/Ranch/Rope/Trail Prospect
Big, tall, started with a couple rides outside.
AQHA Hit A Nu Step

05/17/2010 Gelding
Nu Steps To CashMiss Angel Roulette
AQHA/APHA dual registered
riding gelding by Nu Steps To Cash
AQHA Hickory Dun Classic

03/16/2010 Stallion
Classic Dun Champagne (Grulla Champagne)
JRS Dun DiabloDBD Queen
Rare Champagne Grullo
High Brow Hickory Grandson
AQHA Nu River Melody

06/04/2009 Gelding
Nu Steps To CashTularosa Melody
Fancy gelding used extensively on ranch.
Ready for rope horse training.
90 days in the arena, gentle.

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