Welcome to our sale barn. Here you will find some amazing horses we have bred, raised or ridden and are now offering for sale. We put emphasis on quality, honesty and reputation. Our horses are sane and sound. Our goal is to place them in the right homes, to see both rider and horse succeed together!

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PhotoName, Info, Price *SireDam
AQHA Abby’s Filly

04/23/2017 Mare
Sorrel Splash (sw1)

Sale Price: (Please Inquire)  
SmokingPeptoTinselTinsel LilStar
AQHA Holly’s Filly

04/15/2017 Mare
Gold Champagne

Sale Price: $3,750.00  
First KizzMiss Holly CD
AQHA Texas' Filly

04/02/2017 Mare
Red Roan Splash

SmokingPeptoTop Shelf BluCuracao

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PhotoName, Info, Price *SireDam
AQHA Iza's Colt

04/25/2017 Stallion
Black or Smoky Black

Sale Price: (Please Inquire)  
First KizzIza Belle Nic
AQHA Sequin’s Colt

04/22/2017 Stallion
Black or Blue Roan

Sale Price: (Please Inquire)  
SmokingPeptoFigure Four Sequin
AQHA Kali’s Colt

04/05/2017 Stallion

Sale Price: $4,500.00  
SmokingPeptoSpin To Win Cash
AQHA Glamour's Colt

03/24/2017 Stallion

SmokingPeptoSmoke N Glamour

BACK TO TOPTwo Year Old Prospects 1 Horse(s)

PhotoName, Info, Price *SireDam
AQHA Chinky Silver Willow

05/29/2015 Mare
Bay Silver

Chinky SilverChamps Cocoa Jay

BACK TO TOPMares/Broodmares 5 Horse(s)

PhotoName, Info, Price *SireDam
AQHA Peptos Reckless Dash

07/15/2014 Mare
Grey Splash (SW1)

SmokingPeptoMT Reckless Eye
Will be bred to Smokin Blue Gun for 2018
AQHA Bet Yer Blue Jeans

04/04/2008 Mare
Sorrel Splash (Sw1)

Bet On Me 498Genuine Jean
In foal to First Kizz for 2017 Due April 15
Will be bred to Smokin Blue Gun for 2018
AQHA Miss Holly CD

07/11/2006 Mare

CD RoanliteA Genuine Sparkle
In foal to First Kizz for 2017
AQHA Amber Bartender

04/11/2006 Mare
Amber Champagne (Reg. Buckskin)

Sale Price: $3,500.00  
Sugar King BartenderSprat On Spur
In foal to First Kizz for 2017 Due April 10
Can be bred back to First Kizz or Smoken Blue Gun for 2018
AQHA Hickory Smoken Lass

03/20/2006 Mare
Classic Champagne (Reg. Buckskin)

JRS Dun DiabloDBD Queen
In foal to SmokingPepto for 2017 Due May 22

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